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Mitsubishi Mirage

Starting from £10,550


The Mitsubishi Mirage 

Designed to make life easier

This small family car with its excellent fuel efficiency means fewer petrol stops. It has flexible seating, plenty of luggage space and it's really easy to park.This small family car with its excellent fuel efficiency means fewer petrol stops. It has flexible seating, plenty of luggage space and it's really easy to park Whether you're commuting to the city or motoring along country roads, the compact Mitsubishi Mirage is a pleasure to drive thanks to its agile handling and impressive fuel economy. With a highly responsive 1.2 Litre MIVEC Mitsubishi engine offering outstanding performance, the Mitsubishi Mirage weaves nimbly through city streets and country roads with ease.We can’t find you a parking spot, but we can make parking easier. The compact shape, power steering and a turning circle of just 4.6 metres means you can now claim those small spaces.The distinctive face, expressive sides and the rounded back all add an air of refinment to the Mirage.The Mitsubishi Mirage seats are built for maximum comfort, with optimum back support and plenty of head and leg room. There's space for five adults, but if you want more cargo space and less seating, the practical rear seat has a foldable back to create extra room for your luggage or pushchair. Mitsubishi spend a lot of time thinking about all the little details, it's part of what they call "Mitsubishi-ness". With this in mind they have added cupholders front and rear for your all-important morning coffee, large front door pockets with bottle holders, and even a hook for your shopping bags. 


Whether you travel ten miles each week or ten thousand, safety is at the top of everyone’s list, and this is an area where the Mitsubishi Mirage excels. Active Stability Control (ASC) with Traction Control (TCL) and Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) are just two of the intelligent safety systems that will keep you and your loved ones safe. The body of the Mirage is extremely sturdy and lightweight. This is because Mitsubishi use high tensile steel plates that contribute to a much higher level of collision safety. 


The Mirage is equipped with a 6 airbag system. the front seat occupants are protected by front airbags, plus an additional airbag for the driver in the event of a forward collision. In a side collision, the front occupants are protected by side airbags and occupants in both rows are protected by the curtain airbags extending along the side.


If you have a wobble, the car won’t

With the Active Stability Control with Traction Control if wheels lose their grip on slippery surfaces or while turning, the Active Stability Control (ASC) system automatically adjusts engine output and applies a braking force at the appropriate wheels to help maintain control and prevent skidding. The Traction Control function applies a braking force to the spinning wheels for smooth starts and straight line acceleration.

The Anti-Lock Braking System (ABS) prevents the wheels from locking up during emergency braking. As well as ABS, the Mirage has Electronic Brakeforce Distribution (EBD). This automatically distributes the braking force to all four wheels to enhance braking performance.


Discover all the model variants in our Mirage range, from the Mirage Verve with great little touches to make commuting easier, to the Mirage Design with extra connectivity and safety features.

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