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CitroŽn engine wins an International Engine of the Year award in 2015

  • Congratulations Citroën!

    Citroën have managed to knock their predecessor of the top spot with their 3-cylinder Turbo PureTech engine to win the 1-litre to 1.4litre category.

    Designed and produced in France, the triple motor boasts a high output turbocharger (spinning up to 240,000rpm) and impressive low-rev power and torque - 95% of the engine's torque is available from 1,500 to 3,500rpm. And the OEMs substantial investment in the PurTech family, which totals more than £688 million, has also yeilded engines that deliver in terms of emissions reduction. The 110ps turbocharged engine variant, for example, emits just 96g/km of CO2!

    "Three cylinders are increasingly the way to go for compact cars, and this turbo triple is a particularly responsive yet economical engine that's a delight to live with" enthused freelance journalist John Simster, echoing the sentiments of many on this year's panel.

    "Without turbo lag, this engine gives a lot of power and perfect torque at very low revs, with a harmonious noise throughout the whole range. And the consumption is very low" agreed L'Automobile Magazine's Christophe Congrega.

    "The new PureTech engine is a revelation in terms of refinement, performance and efficiency" stated German journalist Thomas Imhof. "They show what is possible with only three cylinders"

    (Article courtesy of www.ukipme.com)