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Experience the thrill behind the wheel of a champion

Posted on 8 Dec 

There's no thrill in the world quite like hitting the apex of the track’s final corner, at full throttle, with the rest of the field in the rear-view, and nothing but the chequered flag ahead. The scent of burning rubber, the roar of the engine, the g-force of acceleration, the satisfying thud of the gearbox, the taste of victory...

Unfortunately, it’s a thrill few outside the racing world get to experience. So, to celebrate the success of this year’s Renault UK Clio Cup, we wanted to bring the exhilaration of racing to as many people as possible. We've utilised the latest 3D video technology to deliver an immersive,virtual reality 360° simulation of a Clio Cup race, fresh from the track.

During pre-season testing at the Rockingham Motor Speedway, we kitted out a race spec version of a Renaultsport Clio 220 Turbo EDC with a state-of-the-art Ladybug 360° camera and three bespoke GoPro rigs to capture all of the action from every angle. Then we put the 2009 Clio Cup champion, Phil Glew, behind the wheel and let him take to the track. The result is some stunning 360° footage.

Click here to check out the clip.