New & Used Car Buyers Guide - Rawlinson Group

New Car Purchasing Advice

Buying a new car is exciting however it is advised you consider a few important points before you start looking for a dealership or accept any new car offers.
Evaluate Your Needs
You may already have a certain vehicle in mind, however, it’s important to carefully consider what you need to get out of a vehicle and evaluate if your dream car meets those requirements. Car size, commute length, petrol use, special features, and brand names should all be accounted for before you start your search. We also recommend prioritising your actual needs over wants.
What’s Your Budget?
The cost of a new vehicle varies greatly depending on what type of car you’re in the market for. You must know what your price range is before heading to the dealership, as well as know what you can afford to pay should financing be involved.
Review Options in Your Price Range
Once you find what you’re willing and able to spend, you can really start to focus on different cars and their capabilities. It’s best to have a few options in mind when you do visit the dealership.

Used Car Purchasing Advice

While used car buying is quite like new car buying, there are a few extra details that you should investigate before signing on the dotted line for any used car offers.
Confirm the Details
Make sure to obtain the registration number, MOT test number, mileage, make, and model. The seller will provide these to you, but it’s always a good idea to verify these items for yourself. You can do so with the DVLA online.
Check the History
A good seller should tell you everything that you need to know before purchase. You can check to see that a car is safe to be on the road for free with a review of the car’s MOT history on GOV.UK. If you come across something suspect, it may be best to continue your search elsewhere.
This also includes asking for a private history. A private history will include information on any car thefts, any accidents it has been in, and other important details.
Test Drive
If you are licensed and insured, you should ask to take the car for a test drive. This will give you an indication if there is a problem with the car as well as your comfort level when driving it.