Finance Explained

Rawlinson Group Finance

Finding just the right car can be a challenge, part of that challenge is deciding how to pay for it. Here at Rawlinson Group, we can help make that challenge easier by walking you through the available payment options to help you work out what's best.
  • Personal Contract Purchase, PCP & 'Renault Selections'

    What is PCP? Renault Selections is Renault Finance's Personal Contract Purchase product that stands out from the crowd in terms of the choice and flexibility.

    1. You let us know how much deposit you would like to pay.
    2. We will calculate your monthly payment based on the maximum annual mileage to suit your needs.
    3. We will calculate your Optional Final Payment depending on your driving requirements.

    You will get a choice of three options when your PCP agreement comes to an end:

    Selection One - Drive away a new or used car
    If the vehicle is worth more than the Optional Final Payment amount, you could part exchange your vehicle by putting the difference towards a deposit on a new or used car.

    Selection Two - Return your car
    Simply return your car in good condition, within the agreed mileage limits, and pay nothing. Most of the time our vehicles are returned to us looking like new but we know, no matter how much you care for and love your car, little scratches and chips are unavoidable. If your vehicle was to be returned outside of your agreed mileage or with more than fair wear and tear damage you will be charged for this, in accordance with the BVRLA guidelines. Here is a guide to what you could expect to be charged.

    Selection Three - Keep your car
    Pay the Optional Final Payment and be transferred ownership of the vehicle.

    The deposit is negotiable.
    Fixed monthly payments.
    Option to change your car every 2 to 3 years.
    Flexible end of agreement options.
    Some of the best offers available.
    Drive a new car for less!
  • HP (Hire Purchase)

    Hire Purchase is the classical way to finance your car. It involves paying off the cost of the vehicle with interest on a monthly basis. Despite being a great way to personally finance your vehicle, Hire Purchase is also a popular finance choice for businesses.

    1. You let us know how much deposit you would like to pay.
    2. From this we calculate, including interest, the monthly payments for the duration of the contract.
    3. At the end of the agreement, after all payments have been made (including the Option to Purchase Fee), ownership of the vehicle is transferred to you.

    The interest rate charged on the finance will not be affected by future changes to interest rates.
    The initial payment is flexible.
    Fixed monthly payments are not subject to VAT.
    Taxation benefit from writing down allowance.
    No mileage restrictions.
  • PCH (Personal Contract Hire)

    Personal contract hire is a common form of vehicle leasing and offers many benefits to individuals. It allows a consumer to take on cars or vans for a set period and pay a fixed, low monthly rental. The Individual taking out the Contract Hire agreement does not own the vehicle, reducing the financial risk and easing the process of buying, servicing and disposing of new vehicles.

    1. You pay the advanced rental ranging from 3 to 12 months upfront.
    2. Fixed monthly rental for the duration of your contract.
    3. At the end of your agreement, you simply return the vehicle back to us.*
    *Subject to any excess mileage charges and damages which exceeds fair wear and tear.

    Road Fund licence included.
    Flexibility to increase your contract term and mileage.
    Optional servicing, maintenance and tyre options brings all running costs into one package.
    Lower cost monthly payments, depending on advance payment amount, term length and mileage.