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What To Do If You Skid

Posted on 16 Dec 

With the cold and ice setting in, the roads are getting dangerous. Especially at rush hour when the sun hasn't had time to melt the ice on the roads. Mark Butterworth, Service Adviser at the Rawlinson Group has the perfect tips on how to control a skid.


“First of all, the prevention of a skid is key. Think about your driving style and the road conditions: Are you driving too fast, braking or accelerating too hard or steering harshly?  Remember that in the winter, the roads are likely to be more slippery and your tires could struggle to grip. Adjust your speed accordingly, and remember that ice is not always visible on the roads, so take care if you feel a chill in the air.


If you do find yourself in a skid, don't panic. The key to controlling a skid is to stay calm and think clearly. Keep both hands on the wheel and (if possible) remove the cause of the skid (such as if you were accelerating too quickly, ease off the accelerator pedal).


Look where you would like to go, even when you start to spin. Your hand eye coordination is very important at this stage. For a rear or all wheel skid, steer into it. So steer towards the same side that the back end of your car is going towards. If you are experiencing a front wheel skid, ensure your steering wheel is straight.


Your ABS is not there to help you stop sooner, it is there to allow you to steer and brake at the same time. So if you feel the brake pedal pulsating or hear a quick thumping noise below your feet, don't worry, its just the ABS doing what it was built to do.”