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Mitsubishi Outlander Petrol 2.4 PHEV Juro Commerical Auto

Starting from £32708.33

Insanely fast goods delivery is one of the trademarks of the modern age. A lot of everyday stuff gets deivered by grubby, dented vans, but more specialised local delivery buisnesses can't operate like that.


High-end florists don't need massive hauling power. They need a vehicle that will reliably and economically deliver delicate items to the customer in shop-fresh condition - and leave that customer with a positive impression.


For a whole range of light delivery applications, the 4WD Outlander PHEV Petrol Commercial is ideal. As you'd expect from a van that's based on a car, and a rather luxurious one at that, it comes packed with creature comforts like dual-zone climate control, a six-pedal radio/MP3 player, rain/dusk sensors, cruise control, and a remote centeral door locking system.


It's little wonder that the Outlander Commercial won the What Van? Award for Best 4x4 Car derived Van of the Year. 


New advances in the Outlander's insulation and suspension systems have resulted in a ride and drive experience that, along with the high-torque, low-emission, will help to ensure not only high levels of passenger comfort but also the safe passage of the most delicate plant life. 

Mitsubishi Outlander Petrol 2.4 PHEV Juro Commerical Auto Features